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CAST is the pioneer and leader of Application Intelligence. CAST Application Intelligence Platform empowers Application Development (AD) organizations by delivering to all in IT invaluable information about software applications automatically extracted from source code. With CAST, IT Managers receive high-level unbiased metrics to improve decisions about applications and teams. Development teams share and better understand detailed technical information about applications' structure to improve productivity, quality and predictability. Finally, software quality engineers gain action-oriented quality rules compliance reports and indexes to control and enforce code & architecture quality. CAST drastically improves AD activities such as software maintenance, outsourcer control, software quality management or application integration and modernization to name a few.

CAST is listed on Compartment C - Eurolist by Euronext Paris. To date, CAST has invested over $65M in R&D. Created in 1990, CAST serves Fortune 500 customers with a network of 11 fully-staffed offices in the US and Europe. CAST is a recognized leader by all major IT analysts.

Alliance Global Services

At Alliance Global Services we base our approach to organizational strategy on the simple premise that technology doesn't exist as a stand-alone function but as an enabler of business value. That's why our assessments for defining strategy are measured against real business goals; that's why our technology roadmaps provide practical recommendations designed for real business settings; and that's why our strategic guidance enables our clients to make the right technology choices to achieve their business goals time and time again.

Our metrics-based assessments remove subjectivity from the process and our seasoned professionals bring a knowledge of both diverse business settings and complex technology applications that is unmatched anywhere. Our unique combination of tools and talent allows us to address technology needs from a deeper level-within the context of our clients' businesses. It's an approach that's been proven at global enterprises across industry sectors. It's an approach that's been proven to deliver technology strategies that drive business value. The Alliance Strategic Guidance offering consists of 4 core competencies:

  • Assessment Services
  • Technology Road Maps
  • SDLC Mentoring
  • QA & Testing Strategy

Charles Gerth,
SVP Global Business Development

"We're in the business of RightWare and this partnership gives us additional tools complimenting our strategic assessment and IT risk mitigation offerings, providing a new level of transparency for our clients."
John Castleman, President and CEO of Alliance Global Services

American Fulfillment (AFG)

AFG defines itself as a collage of IT Business Consultants and Technical Delivery Experts. Working in the Fortune 1000 for over a decade has provided a unique view into the technologies that form the foundation of some of the world’s largest and most powerful organizations. By designing technology solutions that deliver business value and measurable ROI, AFG helps IT managers move into the Boardroom and out of the datacenter. AFG provides the people, process and technology that is right for your business without all the risk associated with the traditional VAR model.

David Rubino,
866-794-9052 ext 102,

Emilia Rubino, President AFG


Axiom:1, Inc., founded in 2009 by two IT executives with a diverse breadth and depth of experience in all aspects of R&D/IT, is an independent firm specializing in Business Process consulting. Our primary purpose is to assist organizations in decreasing costs while preparing for and managing growth by instilling a process-driven perspective. We aim for quality improvement, efficiency gains and more positive customer experiences. Our solutions scale from tactical or targeted engagements up to strategic process planning at the senior most levels of an organization.

Jane Raso-Salmon,
(800) 558-5119,

"We are very excited about taking part in the CAST partnership program. We believe we are in a unique position to define and enable process improvement programs with CAST’s AIP as a key component of any Portfolio, SQA or Measurement program."
Jane Raso-Salmon – President


Datric is a premier provider of data integration and collaboration solutions. Datric consultants have experience both architecting and implementing data warehousing, data integration, application decommissioning, E-Commerce/EDI, and SAP projects for Fortune 100 companies. Since our founding in 2000 we have combined a simple, time-honored approach to business with leading-edge technology to help clients achieve their goals.

James Newland,
VP Alliances and Solutions,

"We love the abilities CAST brings to our application decommissioning projects. CAST enables us to quickly and confidently assess system landscapes for technical quality and then use that information to design strategies for our clients that prioritize removing problematic applications over stable applications. CAST takes guess-work out of a very complex problem."
James Newland, VP Alliances and Solutions

David Consulting Group

David Consulting Group is a leader in the area of software process performance analysis and measurement. DCG has created solutions designed to improve client competitiveness through improvements to the productivity, performance and quality of their software practices and IT delivery. At the core of our success is the ability to identify our clients business and technical objectives and to map their goals to a series of core metrics that quantitatively measure performance based on those goals and objectives.

Antonio Timbol,
610-644-2856 x28,

"DCG combines our knowledge based consulting with the CAST Software automated business intelligence platform, AIP, to bring unique knowledge based solutions to our customers. Learn more on how DCG can help you move towards evidence-based decision making to manage value-driven change."
Antonio Timbol, Director of Marketing David Consulting Group

Estrella Partners Group

Estrella Partners Group LLC is a consortium of proven, senior-level executives who possess the ability to understand their clients’ complex business problems, develop creative solutions to these problems, and effectively help them implement these solutions. Each member of the Estrella team contributes a unique combination of skills and style to Estrella Partners. Each was selected not only because of his or her abilities and openness to collaboration, but above all, because of their inherent commitment to client service and dedication to client success.

Estrella Partners is focused on assisting clients identify revenue opportunities and increase operational efficiency through the use of Organization Change Management, Program Management, Risk Management, and Green Advisory Services.

We are an organization that treats its clients with the utmost respect, honesty, and professionalism - all with better than competitive rates. Our resources have the hands-on experience necessary to lead client teams or manage projects that are beyond our client’s internal team’s comfort level.

We are supported by a dynamic group of professionals that encompass both deep industry and functional subject matter expertise with a proven track record of providing exceptional value as trusted advisors.

Al Uretsky,

"Cast Software’s solutions are exactly what we have been seeking to solidify and streamline our clients’ performance management processes,... Cast Software’s solutions will add a new level of client value and performance evaluation in an area that we believe is key to long-term organizational success. As more and more organizations want to ensure they have the ‘delivery and outsourcer performance effectiveness’ in place to maximize operational efficiencies with their most valuable technology assets, Cast will be a strong, value-added partner"
Al Uretsky, Managing Partner of Estrella Partners Group


Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIOX) is a $461 million provider of product engineering and globalization services. Lionbridge combines global resources with proven program management methodologies to serve as an outsource partner throughout a client’s product and content lifecycle - from development to globalization, testing and maintenance. Global organizations rely on Lionbridge services to increase international market share, speed adoption of global products and content, and enhance their return on software development investments. Based in Waltham, Mass., Lionbridge maintains solution centers in 26 countries and provides services under the Lionbridge and VeriTest brands.,
+1 877.342.5334 or +1 503.305.8732
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"Cast helps us identify performance bottlenecks early on in our software product engineering engagements, resulting in savings of up to 20% for our clients"
Divyabh Mishra, Director Marketing - Global Development

UST Global

UST Global is a leading provider of end-to-end IT services and solutions for the Global 1000 market. It offers a client-centric fully integrated Engagement Model that provides the optimal mix of senior local resources with the cost, scale and quality advantages of offshore operations for each client. UST Global has partnered with CAST to offer Application Intelligence Solutions to clients. Leveraging the CAST Application Intelligence Platform, UST Global addresses the rising complexities of large-scale IT solutions deployed in corporations. New software architecture principles, application development methodologies, and tools provide greater risks to projects if not managed properly. Using a Global Hybrid Delivery Model, UST Global’s solution provides unbiased quality assessment services and baseline application health, identifies problem areas and recommends implementation solutions to fix issues – all focused on helping clients reduce business risks, increase overall quality, ensure compliance, and lower costs.

Sanjay Jain,
+1 949-243-5824

QSOFT - Quality with Confidence

QSoft is a Software Quality Assurance provider based in Glastonbury, Connecticut with a rich history that spans more than 15 years. QSoft has successfully delivered Quality Assurance (QA) solutions to Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industries including Financial Services, Insurance, Government, Telecommunications and Manufacturing.

QSoft professionals are highly skilled in developing QA strategies that emphasize the balance between speed to market and quality deliverables. Whether you are an extreme programming shop or employ more traditional development methodologies, QSoft Professionals will use proven techniques to decrease your cycle times and increase your speed to market. We pride ourselves in our ability to help our Clients deliver quality software with confidence.

Damico S. Nicome,
860-777-9022, ext. 101

QSoft's target customers require high-value added, highly complex solutions that demand thought leadership from a vendor. Our QA framework is based on years of accumulated experience and wrought with best practices. The addition of the CAST tool, coupled with QSoft Consulting’s robust QA methodology creates a powerful solution that is unrivaled in the industry. QSoft Consulting now possesses the only true, end-to-end solution for finding and removing defects in an efficient, cost-effective manner.
Damico S. Nicome

Learn how federal agencies are using Software Analysis & Measurement solutions to reduce risks of critical systems, maximize IT program and system integrator performance. CAST Federal Solutions provides technology and services in the following areas:

IT Vendor Transparency

Federal IT Programs are challenged to provide unambiguous guidance to  system integrator partners as to the specific standards by which the delivered application products will be assessed.  Software analysis and measurement based on CISQ standards promotes common understanding for government and providers as to ongoing delivery reliability, security and quality of the systems.  This results in 50% lower likelihood of testing or deployment defects while reducing production risks and cost of rework.  
For examples of contracts, and SLA’s, please contact the CAST Federal Practice:

Vulnerabilities in software that are introduced by mistake or poor practices are a serious problem today".  - Cyber Security: A Crisis of Prioritization, the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee.

Software Assurance

Software that is designed with solid architectural design emphasizing reliability and resiliency is more difficult to penetrate. Poor design provides vulnerabilities that are infected and which are often replicated and propagated within a complex system. Performing late stage security audits and building firewalls is not enough—security must be designed and built into an application and then rigorously verified – multiple times within each and every release. CAST’s Software Assurance solution provides a systematic set of evaluations to support  conformance to requirements and standards around:

  • Trustworthiness - No exploitable vulnerabilities exist, either of malicious or unintentional origin
  • Predictable Execution - Justifiable confidence that software, when executed, functions as intended.
  • Reliability & Performance - Security is ultimately a component of overall quality risk. Applications that are slow or unstable are more easily breached. This is recognized by ISO, CISQ, and CWE.

Software Code Quality Checking (SCQC)

SCQC is an automated analysis of source code to ensure that the system should continue within development, demonstration, and test.  SCQC helps ensure that the application in development or sustainment can meet the stated performance, maintainability, and usability requirements within cost (program budget), schedule (program schedule), risk, and other system constraints. SCQC complements Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) and Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E) by identifying defects earlier in the system development lifecycle (SDLC).


Effective benchmarking enables an organization to easily identify and prioritize opportunities—by process, vendor and cost driver—which, in turn, results in relevant improvement targets and stronger overall business case for the transformation effort.  CAST introduced the industry’s first software quality benchmarking capability in 2010. The service, (Appmarq,) gathers data from CAST analyses performed across global industry and public sector IT organizations and provides normalized data for CAST clients in support of external benchmarking. This work is being done at the program and enterprise levels in a number of organizations in industry and government.

Measuring IT Productivity

One of the most vexing problems in software engineering – in Industry or Federal sectors - is measuring the amount of progress made in developing or sustaining a software product.  The largest opportunity for improving quality and productivity during application development is in eliminating its largest sources of waste: defects and the rework they cause, 30-50% of the development effort is devoted to rework.   
CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is a powerful IT operational management platform that gives OCIO and Program executives the visibility and control to improve business productivity to reduce IT costs. CAST has the ability to quantify quality and progress, rather than just time spent. 

IT Portfolio Analysis

The stove-piped and complex nature of the Federal enterprise has led to a proliferation of duplicate and low priority investments in information technology.  In short, agencies’ portfolios have become cluttered with obsolete systems that no longer deliver full value to the citizen.  Fact-based approach to IT planning and budgeting, improves efficiency in the governance of application portfolio rationalization efforts, leading to optimized allocation of funding and resources. Align application investment decisions more effectively with organizational strategies and priorities through an effective dialogue between program managers and IT.

a failure to satisfy a non-functional requirement can be critical, even catastrophic…non-functional requirements are sometimes difficult to verify. We cannot write a test case to verify a system’s reliability… The ability to associate code to non-functional properties can be a powerful weapon in a software engineer’s arsenal.

Spinellis D. Code Quality

Federal Partnerships

CAST has successfully teamed with Boeing, CSC, Northrop Grumman, Accenture, Keane, Ingenium, Booz Allen, Lockheed, Raytheon & Sybase Corporation

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GSA Schedule (GS-35F-0649S)

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CAST prior performance in Federal contracts includes: