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CAST has the largest software analysis and measurement R&D center in the world, comprised of more than 100 engineers in Paris, Bangalore and New York. Pushing the bounds of Agile and Devops methodologies and continuous integration practices, our engineers collaborate daily to tackle the highly complex challenges posed by our technological ambitions. For more than 20 years our team has been at the forefront of extracting relevant insights from application source code and transforming them into meaningful data and facts for IT executives.


Product Manager is a challenging and exciting position in any tech company because Product Managers are at the center of most of the company’s departments and customers in enabling them to define how the product will evolve. At CAST, Product Managers enjoy the benefit of something a little spicier: they are defining the future of our market. CAST is at the bleeding edge of the software analysis and measurement space, a fast evolving market … in which we are driving much of the innovation. Defining a product for this market is half market feedback and half intuition, vision and creativity.

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Our expertise in advanced source code analysis techniques drives our product’s unique ability to understand applications comprising several technologies and millions of lines of code. We deploy cutting-edge technologies to build intuitive dashboards for IT executives and optimize management of heavy volumes of data. In a workplace where everyone can contribute to the best of their ability and share and learn from their peers, our engineers always strive to be experts in the latest development technologies to guarantee our relevance and pragmatism, looking for continuous improvement and also enabling rapid feedback.



Building a platform that measures more than 40 technologies accurately is a challenge. The platform has to perfectly and consistently understand all types of custom architectures and applications our customers may have built. That’s the challenging but very exciting mission of our Testing & QA team. Embedded in the Agile teams, our Testing & QA engineers make the most of smart test design, test automation and teamwork to make sure we build a cutting-edge platform that works on real world IT applications ranging from a couple thousand lines of code to tens of millions. These efforts are made to produce consistent and reliable data and facts for IT executives who aren’t always software experts.


Our Technical Support Team is the direct contact between our delivery team, the product team and our customers. On a daily basis our Technical Support Engineers are exposed to all sorts of different application architectures built with multiple technologies. They start each day with the exciting and challenging objective of ensuring that our platform can smoothly analyze and measure all these different applications. Helped by a highly collaborative team, they tackle this immensely important task to ensure our users get the full value of the analysis of their IT applications.



Developing new features while supporting real life implementations (let’s say it: fixing customer bugs!) isn’t always easy. And while all our software engineers strive to produce the best possible software, our customers strive to reveal its limits. Enter the Engineering Support team. Its main objectives are to guarantee high reactivity to secure customers’ expected value while introducing appropriate changes in the core product and influencing the core development team to avoid similar issues in future releases.

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